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FITCHBURG - The ancient Celts lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off roaming ghosts during Samhain - there were no bonfires on Main Street, but there were a lot of costumes, including ghosts.
Ancient Celts considered the mistletoe an antidote to poison and an aphrodisiac.
With which blue dye did the ancient Celts paint their bodies?
How rewarding it is to see the creative legacy of the ancient Celts live on in my classroom
I am a generous, warm-hearted chap with the blood of ancient Celts coursing through my being.
From the time of the ancient Celts thousands of years ago, there has always been some kind of celebration around the time we now celebrate as Halloween.
The topics include Frazer and the ancient Celts, The X-Files, the slasher film as a folkloristic social script, and ostentation in Candyman.
Ancient Celts are ethnically related to the Gauls who entered Asia Minor and gave their name to Galatia, to Celts in Spain, in France, and in Ireland.
Wicca's roots, which include traditions from the ancient Celts, pre-date Christianity.
BONFIRES scare off evil spirits, according to ancient Celts, who believed that light had power over darkness.
The ancient Celts celebrated the feast of Samhain on October 31, marking the end of summer and the beginning of the new year.
By the eighteenth century, the culture of this region bore little resemblance to the customs of the ancient Celts," he writes.

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