Phillips Academy

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Phillips Academy,

at Andover, Mass.; college preparatory boarding and day school; opened 1778, chartered 1780 by Samuel PhillipsPhillips, Samuel,
1752–1802, American educator and politician, b. North Andover, Mass., grad. Harvard, 1771. A member of the Massachusetts provincial congress (1775–80) and a delegate to the state constitutional convention (1779–80), he served in the state
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. Founded for boys, it is the oldest incorporated academy in the United States and has served as the model for many later schools. In 1972 the academy became coeducational when Abbot Academy, a neighboring girls' school, was incorporated. The school is often called Andover or Phillips Andover. Andover Theological Seminary (now part of Andover Newton Theological School at Newton Centre, Mass.) was affiliated from 1808 to 1908. The Addison Gallery of American Art houses well-known collections.
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Jones' exemplary academic record at Hampton opened to higher education at Phillips Andover Academy, Harvard College and finally Columbia University for a PhD under the pioneering anthropologist Franz Boas, who found him brilliant.
He graduated from Phillips Andover Academy in 1948, Yale University in 1952 and New York Medical School in 1956.
They are what allow the most recent immigrant, the child from a group home, the paraplegic, and the legacy child at Phillips Andover Academy to all have a chance to attend Harvard University or a public college.
I had always known that George was a scholar and brilliant; but by sifting through articles, talking to his schools, friends, and family, and looking through photos--especially the photo of the one black face at Andover Academy in a sea of white prep school boys; the picture of the jaunty kid with his hand on the ship, going off to Paris; and particularly his mug shot that he was proud to exhibit--I came to fully understand what a true leader George Bundy Smith is.
And it turns out one of the first informal elections Bush won was for the position of head cheerleader at his high school, Andover Academy in Massachusetts.
It will travel to the Addison Gallery, Andover Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, January 16-March 13, 1993, and to the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, October 15, 1993-January 10, 1994.
He is a graduate of Andover Academy and holds a bachelor's degree in English from Princeton University.
A defenseman, he will be lacing up his skates at Phillips Andover Academy.
Republican voucher backers are quick to note that Bush, who had a privileged private education at Phillips Andover Academy in Massachusetts, sent his twin daughters to a public high school while he served as governor.
He is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School.
Morse, a graduate of Andover Academy and Bowdoin College, noted that he always wanted to coach school football and that most school officials drew their coaching staffs from the teacher ranks.
Born in Honolulu in 1919, Williams graduated from Phillips Andover Academy and Amherst College, and received a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University's Graduate School of Business.