Andrea Doria

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Andrea Doria
BirthplaceOneglia, Liguria, Italy
Condottiero and admiral

Doria, Andrea


Born Nov. 30, 1466, in Oneglia; died Nov. 25, 1560, in Genoa. Genoese admiral and state figure. Born into an aristocratic family.

During the period of the Italian Wars of 1494-1559, Doria, who had made it his goal to defend the independence of Genoa and who initially counted on the aid of France, served the French king Francis I from 1522 to 1525 and from 1527 to 1528; changing his allegiance, he subsequently went over to the service of Emperor Charles V. With the aid of Spanish imperial troops, he liberated Genoa from the forces of France in 1528 and obtained the restoration of the Genoese republic from the emperor. Under the constitution of 1528 introduced by Doria, an oligarchical government of the patriciate was established in Genoa. Doria became the actual ruler of the republic. In 1547 he suppressed the Fiesco conspiracy harshly. Under his command, the Spanish-Genoese fleet achieved a number of major victories (for example, during the Spanish expedition to Tunisia in 1535).


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Contact point(s): Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA Direzione Acquisti Via Andrea Doria 5 16126 Genova
Disaster struck, when outbound from New York for Gothenburg, in dense fog at night on July 25, 1956, Stockholm collided with the inbound Italian Line flagship SS Andrea Doria, after both ship's misread each other's radar positions.
The threat of piracy is still real and it will remain so as long as the root causes of piracy are addressed ashore, which we are working on right now," said Alessandro Mariani, head of EU's Counter-piracy operations, on board ITS Andrea Doria, the flagship of EU's counter-piracy operation Atalanta.
Speaking on board the Italian destroyer Andrea Doria anchored at Port Rashid, European Union Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR) Commander Rear Admiral Guido Rando said there are plans to extend the mission for another two years to give time to Somali security forces on land and its fledgling Coast Guard, who are being trained by EUNAVFOR to combat crime along its coast, and bring stability at home.
The handover ceremony of the Commanding Officer of ITS Andrea Doria also took place when Captain Gianfranco Annunziata was replaced by Captain Angelo Virdis.
Driving a Farmall 400 made the year that Elvis Presley topped the charts, the Andrea Doria sank off Nantucket and Soviets crushed the Hungarian revolution, 16-year-old Todd S.
Speaking during the official ceremony announcing the joining of the Italian Navy Ship, Andrea Doria, in the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force, which took place at Beirut Harbor on Wednesday, Morabito indicated that with the Andrea Doria, "the Italian Navy is, once again, part of the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force which has been led 3 times by Italy since its establishment on October 15th, 2006.
The Andrea Doria, a 153-meter destroyer, "will monitor the situation," a navy spokesman told AFP.
The great ocean liners of the time--the Andrea Doria and the Leonardo da Vinci--were the epitome of this quintessentially Italian look.
Hunt is also the author of Setting The Hook: A Diver's Return to the Andrea Doria (ISBN: 978-1453734209).
Setting the Hook: A Diver's Return to the Andrea Doria" explores the diving legend of the Andrea Doria, a ship that sunk to 240 feet below the water in 1956, proving to be a fascinating discussion for those in the diving world.