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The diplomatic spat has grown from Russia's refusal to hand over Litvinenko murder suspect Andrei Lugovoi.
The Government wants Andrei Lugovoi to be returned to the UK to stand trial for Litvinenko's murder by polonium contamination in November 2006.
Litvinenko suspect and former KGB man Andrei Lugovoi was his security adviser for 12 years but they fell out over the 2006 murder.
Litvinenko had become ill on November 1, after a meeting at London's Mayfair Millennium Hotel with three Russian "businessmen": Andrei Lugovoi, Dmitry Kovtun, and Vyacheslav Sokolenko.
Officers from Scotland Yard were supposed to have met businessman Andrei Lugovoi yesterday but there were reports last night that it had been postponed until either today or tomorrow.
Both Andrei Lugovoi and business associate Dmitry Kovtun were being tested in Russia to see if they have been contaminated with the same deadly toxin, polonium 210, that killed Mr Litvinenko.
THE MYSTERIOUS DEATHS++ ALEXANDER LITVINENKO: The ex-FSB agent and Berezovsky supporter died of poisoning weeks after meeting spy Andrei Lugovoi in a hotel.
The Crown Prosecution Service announced that police had found enough evidence to put Andrei Lugovoi in the dock.
Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi, who both met Litvinenko in London on November 1 have claimed the contamination took place not on that day, as Litvinenko believed, but in mid-October, basing their claims on a radiation check at a London security firm.
It is reported to be where Andrei Lugovoi gave a statement about his meeting with Mr Litvinenko, on the day he was allegedly poisoned in London, to Britain's deputy ambassador.
The former KGB man, 43, was poisoned with polonium-210 after allegedly drinking tea at a meeting with former Russian colleagues Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, central London.
She also revealed her husband took an instant dislike to Dmitri Kovtun, the Russian businessman who, with Andrei Lugovoi, met Litvinenko the day he was poisoned.