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Deposition of amyloid in one or more organs of the body.



or amyloid dystrophy, a disorder of protein metabolism accompanied by the formation within tissues of a specific protein polysaccharide complex known as amyloid. The progress of the disease is associated with distortion of the protein-synthesizing function of the reticuloendothelial system and with accumulation of anomalous proteins in the blood plasma which act as autoantigens and also stimulate the formation of autoantibodies. As a result of antigen-antibody interaction, there is deposition of widely dispersed proteins which figure in the formation of amyloid. Once deposited in tissues, such as vascular and gland walls, the amyloid displaces functionally specialized elements of the organ; this process leads to the destruction of the organ.

Several types of amyloidosis are recognized: primary, secondary, and senile amyloidosis; amyloidosis with multiple myeloma; and localized tumorlike amyloidosis. Primary amyloidosis has no connection with any other disease; it affects mainly the cardiovascular system, alimentary tract, muscles, and skin. Secondary amyloidosis develops subsequent to other diseases which are accompanied by prolonged suppuration and tissue breakdown, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, and rheumatoid arthritis. It most often affects the spleen, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and intestines. Senile amyloidosis usually involves the heart. Amyloidosis may be either general or localized. Im-munodepressive and hepatic preparations are used in its treatment.


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Sexual symptoms have been found to be more strongly associated with androgen deficiency and are therefore specified in the definition of LOH (8).
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For example, lack of sexual desire in aging men is now constructed as a symptom of androgen deficiency and treated with testosterone; and premature ejaculation is being treated with a variety of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Along with physical problems, androgen deficiency can also make men more susceptible to psychological problems.
The androgen deficiency in capons accelerates abdominal fat accumulation (male, 10.
The clinical implication of this is that while below-normal testosterone concentrations may be indicative of androgen deficiency, concentrations within the normal range would not necessarily exclude it.
Moreover, a total testosterone level should not be interpreted separately from clinical features of androgen deficiency.
Meanwhile, an Australian study examined the impact of testosterone replacement on fat and muscle in 60 nonobese men aged 55 years and older with symptoms of androgen deficiency.
Some researchers prefer alternative names, such as androgen deficiency in aging males, or ADAM.
explained that patients coming to his sexual medicine clinic complaining of inhibited sexual desire are carefully screened for androgen deficiency syndrome.

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