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see Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands,
group of about 100 small islands, West Indies, E of Puerto Rico. The islands are divided politically between the United States and Great Britain. Although constituting the westernmost part of the Lesser Antilles, the Virgin Islands form a geological unit with
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Their revisions suggest both that their source is likely to have been the same that Rotz used and that the word in that source was already abbreviated, that is, not spelled out as en negade, ennegade, negade or anegada, else these particular mistakes could hardly have occurred.
Gerber and his colleagues have been capturing Anegada iguana hatchlings since 1997 and sending them to a research facility on the British Virgin Islands run by that government's National Parks Trust.
Alison, 28, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, said last night: 'We had all been out for a lobster dinner on Anegada.
Area: 153 square kilometres (59 square miles); Tortola, 54 square kilometres (21 square miles); Anegada, 39 square kilometres (15 square miles); Virgin Gorda, 21 square kilometres (8 square miles).
I had a taste of what was to come as we flew towards Anegada (Spanish for `drowned island') in a little six-seater from the main island of Tortola.
The plethora of white, sandy, palm-lined beaches and anchorages dotted around the island attract scores of yachties, while Anegada is a diver and snorkeller's paradise.
If the pace of life on the capital Tortola - where the government is considering installing the first set of traffic lights - seems a little too fast, then Anegada is just a short hop away by aircraft and is a perfect chill-out zone.
market in 1997 included the Czech Republic (273,902 kg), the Anegada Islands (9497 kg) and Sierra Leone (5144 kg).
2) At the same time, effort increased in swordfish spawning areas such as the Yucatan Channel, the Windward Passage, the Anegada Passage, and northeast of the Lesser Antilles where mature swordfish are predominant (Arocha and Lee, 1995).
Such is not the case near Anegada, the only coral Virgin, far out in the Atlantic.