Angela Davis

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Angela Davis
Angela Yvonne Davis
BirthplaceBirmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Educator, author, activist

Davis, Angela


Born Jan. 26, 1944, in Birmingham, Ala. Participant in the antiwar and civil rights movements in the USA. Member of the Communist Party of the USA.

Davis received her higher education at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass., but she also studied at the Sorbonne (France) and the University of Frankfurt am Main (Federal Republic of Germany). In 1968 she was granted a master’s degree. She began teaching philosophy in 1969 at the University of California at Los Angeles, but she was dismissed because she was a member of the Communist Party. Because of her progressive views, Davis was arrested in October 1970 on the fabricated charge that she was an accomplice in a murder. Her trial aroused a broad movement in her defense in the USA and in foreign countries, including the USSR.

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This new edition of the Narrative includes a critical introduction by Angela Davis (History of Consciousness [emerita], University of California, Santa Cruz) and her two 1969 "Lectures on Liberation," in which she focused on Douglass' intellectual and spiritual awakening, and on the importance of self-knowledge in achieving freedom from oppression.
Mark Mayall Kieran James Below, June and John Tunnicliffe Right, Donna James and Angela Davis
Among those enjoying a first winner under rules was Charlie Sands, an apprentice farrier whose victory on 40-1 shot James Pine was one of the most unfathomable of the season, and Angela Davis, who achieved a far more logical success when saddling Massimo to win the Connolly's Red Mills Intermediate final.
One of our favorite picks is crusader, professor, and former Black Panther Angela Davis.
Angela Davis and Huey Newton posters stand guard on the walls in an off-campus apartment dimmed by black light.
Nine-year-old Ryan Bridgett and Billy Ritchie, 10, and their mothers Karen Bridgett and Angela Davis, were part of the chungdokwan taekwondo team who attended the event for the first time.
Notes 7 ("Gook"-masks), 1971-75, a handcolored etching, depicts Smokey Bear, Angela Davis, Uncle Sam, of course, and personifications of Hiroshima and South Africa.
Little wonder, with longtime CPUSA officials Angela Davis, Herbert Aptheker, Ossie Davis, Jack O'Dell, Charlene Mitchell, and Carl Bloice leading the group.
Freedom Dreams is an unapologetically romantic text--a book of heroes such as Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, Angela Davis, and the little remembered, but seminal militant '60s organization R.
In Chapter 1, "I Am We: Black Women Activists Writing Autobiography," Perkins discusses the criteria for what she (and Angela Davis before her) names political autobiography.
Doug, who plays a young filmmaker trying to make ``The Angela Davis Story'' on a Super-8 camera in his Brooklyn neighborhood.
Following a mastectomy in August 2007, Angela Davis struggled with three post-surgical Jackson-Pratt drain pouches and lines that pulled on her sutures and limited her mobility.