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And now Charlotte Church is back to showcase her further maturing as an artist and play songs off her latest album, from which tracks The Rise and How Not To Be Surprised When You're A Ghost are big, building, angsty slowburners worthy of repeated listens.
I managed to make sense of it and wrote some ditties to deal with my angsty teenager things going on
Packed full of attitude, it's loud and angsty without being too deep in the heavy metal genre.
Her style is now a far cry from her outfits of yesteryear, when she was often seen in the 'fashion police' columns thanks to her drastic gothic punk grunge style, proving that she's come a long way since her angsty teenage years.
Angsty hand-wringing about free will is meaningless, he argues.
but every once in a while the angsty teenager in me just blurts out some raw honesty.
So we're not stuck at home living with our parents anymore and we're not as angsty.
Among the things hanging on the wall or hanging around nearby were a lot of scumbled, angsty Egon Schiele pastiches and a suite of shiny poster-sized images, including liquor ads, florists' ads, and a close-up of a face, printed on Mylar for an effect Madonna put to better use in the packaging of Sex.
Among the angsty ensemble was Rickie, one of the first and most influential gay teen characters on TV (played by out gay actor Wilson Cruz).
or How I Got Into an Argument'') got too carried away with his flights of angsty fancy to really invest us in his characters' lives.
But for every network failure, there was a less-heralded cable show like "Daria," the angsty adventures of a too-smart girl at odds with the world, or the oft-misunderstood "Beavis and Butthead," a wicked satire of the stupidity of modern culture which many viewers mistakenly took to be just another stupid cartoon.
The dictionary has as a main entry angsty, meaning "displaying or feeling angst".