Angular Speed

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angular speed

[′aŋ·gyə·lər ′spēd]
Change of direction per unit time, as of a target on a radar screen, without regard to the direction of the rotation axis; in other words, the magnitude of the angular velocity vector. Also known as angular rate.

Angular Speed


a quantity that characterizes the rate of rotation of a rigid body. If a body rotates uniformly about a fixed axis, its angular speed is ω = Δφ/Δt, where Δφ is the increment of the rotation angle φ in the time interval Δt. In general, angular speed is the magnitude of the vector quantity angular velocity and is equal to the ratio of the elemental rotation angle dφ and the corresponding elemental time interval dt—that is, ω = dφ/dt. The angular velocity vector is aligned with the rotation axis in the direction from which the rotation of the body is seen as counter-clockwise (in a right-handed coordinate system). Angular speed has the dimension T–1, where T is time. In English the term “angular velocity” is sometimes used synonymously with “angular speed.”

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3, a line 1 describes the dependence of the angular speed against the rotation angle of the hydroturbine in the inoperative pump (no-load operation of the hydroturbine), and lines 2 and 3 characterize the change in the angular speed of the hydroturbine when the modes of suction (0 [less than or equal to] [phi] [less than or equal to] [pi]), (2[pi] [less than or equal to] [phi] [less than or equal to] 3[pi]), (4[pi] [less than or equal to] [phi] [less than or equal to] 5[pi]) and pumping ([pi] [less than or equal to] [phi] [less than or equal to] 2[pi]), (3[pi] [less than or equal to] [phi] [less than or equal to] 4[pi]) of the piston pump, respectively.
phi]] is the angular speed of the projection of the field point onto the equatorial plane, and PS(r) is a power series representation for a triple integral over the Earth's volume.
The most basic design requirements of a given electric DC motor are to rotate at desired angular speed [omega] = d[theta]/dt and to achieve desired angular position, [theta], at the minimum possible steady-state error [e.
Krioukov argued that the officer, watching at an angle about 100 feet away, confused the car's actual (or linear) speed with its angular speed - the rate at which it seemed to go by.
Quadricep muscle strength in the kyphotic group measured at the angular speed of 60[degrees]/sec was significantly decreased compared to both osteoporosis group without kyphosis and control group, but hamstring muscle strength was only significantly worse than that of the osteoporosis group without kyphosis.
This value is scaled to 14 bits, compared with the real value of coiler angular speed and transferred to the pump command card through a PID algorithm regulator.
In general, the addition of agar in the biocomposites produced an increase in torque values that is consistent with other systems (13), (15) where torque values are controlled by filler content and by angular speed.
where: m is the mass of the basket; [OMEGA]--the angular speed of the shaft-basket system; e --the eccentricity (OC = e).
Thus it is possible that the time course of recovery be different for lower limb muscles submitted to injury inducing models that use maximal eccentric isokinetic exercise with a low angular speed, firstly because of the function of these muscles in supporting body weight and secondly, because it appears that the pattern of recruiting motor units depends on the speed of movement (Ewing et al.
Based on the theoretical results, (11-13) the characteristics of the flow are determined by (1) the rate of flow Q, (2) the size of the clearance h, and (3) the angular speed of the rotating disk [OMEGA], and they are summarized in terms of the following dimensionless parameters, that is, the dimensionless flow rate [N.
As for the weapon itself, officials say it autonomously makes its way to an armored vehicle without regard to target angular speed, wind or temperature.