Angular Speed

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angular speed

[′aŋ·gyə·lər ′spēd]
Change of direction per unit time, as of a target on a radar screen, without regard to the direction of the rotation axis; in other words, the magnitude of the angular velocity vector. Also known as angular rate.

Angular Speed


a quantity that characterizes the rate of rotation of a rigid body. If a body rotates uniformly about a fixed axis, its angular speed is ω = Δφ/Δt, where Δφ is the increment of the rotation angle φ in the time interval Δt. In general, angular speed is the magnitude of the vector quantity angular velocity and is equal to the ratio of the elemental rotation angle dφ and the corresponding elemental time interval dt—that is, ω = dφ/dt. The angular velocity vector is aligned with the rotation axis in the direction from which the rotation of the body is seen as counter-clockwise (in a right-handed coordinate system). Angular speed has the dimension T–1, where T is time. In English the term “angular velocity” is sometimes used synonymously with “angular speed.”

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The tests were implemented as follows: a) isometric strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions for each of directions at 60[degrees] flexion; and b) isokinetic concentric muscle strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions at 60[degrees]/s angular speed and 16 repetitions at 120[degrees]/s angular speed.
Nine angular speed ranges were considered, from minimum to maximum rotation (~2500 to ~7000 RPM), with the blades of the air blower rotor exerting mechanical effort (or "load") of operation to the engine.
This linear input signal enables the PI controller to provide output related to angular speed, which is next transformed to a variable frequency signal that drives an up/down counter.
According to the definition of rapid maneuvering where the attitude rate of a satellite is 1~10[degrees]/s and the planning angular speed is 5.
If the laser rangefinder detects an obstacle ahead of the robot on defined minimal distance then robot turn to left with angular speed W.
The instantaneous velocity U and displacement of the piston X may be described by quasi-harmonic function of the angular position [theta] of the crankshaft in relation to the angular speed [omega], in accordance with the expressions [1]:
The big value of angular speed ratio u can be obtained with low value of circular force [F.
As the circuit driving the motor has been calculated for nominal values of operation, it will not be longer possible to keep the desired angular speed at the output, under this change of load.
phi]] is the angular speed of the projection of the field point onto the equatorial plane, and PS(r) is a power series representation for a triple integral over the Earth's volume.
The most basic design requirements of a given electric DC motor are to rotate at desired angular speed [omega] = d[theta]/dt and to achieve desired angular position, [theta], at the minimum possible steady-state error [e.
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As its angular velocity increased, the bright green light started to show a slight tail as it passed through the bottom of Auriga, and then as its apparent angular speed increased more, a longer trail of darker red/orange formed, with bits coming off, as it approached the Plough.