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Professor Harper, Professor of Palaeontology in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University, said that it would be naive to think that any one cause ignited this phenomenal explosion of animal life.
Grzimek's Animal Life provides information on nearly 4,000 species, covering topics such as evolution, habitat, behavior, and conservation status.
The text examines "Darwin's dilemma," the lost history of the origin of animal life in the Precambrian time.
Animal life only took off during the "Cambrian Explosion" around 530 million years ago, when large numbers of complex, multicellular organisms suddenly appeared.
Animal Planet is the cable television channel dedicated exclusively to the study and presentation of wonderfully diverse world of animal life and habitat.
After a very long pause, he replied, ``I prefer focusing on human life as opposed to animal life.
Scientists say this lit the fuse for an outburst of diverse forms of animal life 530million years ago, known as the Cambrian Explosion.
Each of the approximately 180 homes will be designed to be in harmony with the traditions and aesthetics of the region (adobe, stucco, rammed earth, masonry) and built to be environmentally respectful to indigenous plant and animal life.
Reminiscent of other Jan Brueghel paintings of animals in nature, the tableau reflected the interest and curiosity about natural history sparked by discovery of the New World and its exotic plant and animal life.
Her lyrical prose recounts her varied encounters with animal life, from unwillingly sharing an apartment with cockroaches to observing pigeons and mice on, in, and around her homes to marveling at peregrine falcons living not on the rocky faces of cliffs but along the glass faces of skyscrapers.
A Duck to Water is a satirical fable for all ages, about animal life and identity crises in a simple place known as The Meadow to those who live there.
Decomposing plant and animal life enriches the soil and allows plants to use the newly available nutrient to grow and thrive.