river: see AnieneAniene
, Lat. Anio, river, 61 mi (98 km) long, rising in Latium, central Italy, and flowing generally southwest to empty into the Tiber River near Rome. Two aqueducts have carried water from the Aniene to Rome since ancient times, and now the river also supplies several
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This evocative panorama, incorporating the ruins of one of the ancient aqueducts of the Roman Campagna, the Aqua Anio Novus, has a drawn margin and must have been conceived as a work of art in its own right ($600,000-$800,000).
It is thought to be either the Aqua Appia from the end of the fourth century BC or the Anio Vetus from about four decades later.
Today, the advent of color flow imaging, Doppler, and power anio have opened up a new diagnostic horizon for understanding physiology and vascular pathology of gynecology, infertility, and uteroplacental and fetoplacental circulation.
Anio was a young woman described in the Finnish nation epic poem, The Kalevala.
ramosis Anio qua pomifer incubat arvis, et numquam Herculeo numine pallet ebur, hic carmen media dignum me scribe columna, sed breve, quod currens vector ab urbe legat: HIC TIBURTINA IACET AUREA CYNTHIA TERRA: ACCESSIT RIPAE LAUS, ANIENE, TUAE.
The researchers from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, looked at a surviving portion of the Anio Novus aqueduct, which was finished in 52 CE.
Como el Aqua Claudia y el Aqua Anio Novus, que garantizaban el abasto metropolitano de fuentes, banos publicos y residencias de la corte.
1990, <<Les codes de Ranavalona Ire, de Radama II et de Rasoherina ou l'evolution du droit malgache ancien>>, Omaly sy Anio, 29-32: 256-286.
Otros, tras rememorar perfectamente algunos asuntos de la investigacion de los antiguos, intentaron componer libros sobre los mismos topicos que aquellos: como, por ejemplo, Anio, Medio y Febion; y este, por cierto, aprecia mas ser conocido por la elaboracion de la diccion que por la organizacion del pensamiento, entre los cuales contaria uno tambien a Heliodoro, <pues> aquel tampoco anadio nada aparte de la distincion del discurso a las cosas dichas por los antecesores en sus lecciones.
Knowsley South with Daniel Atkins (2) and Jack Rimmer on target defeated Knowsley Palace 3-2 and Woolton Storm with a Ben McQueen hat-trick won 3-2 against Chelwood whose goals came from Callum Blundell and Ibin Anio.
oway celebrated while anio was a picture of ration.