Anita Brookner

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Brookner, Anita,

1928–2016, English writer and art critic. After establishing an academic career at London's Courtauld Institute of Art and becoming the first woman appointed (1968) Slade Professor of Art at Cambridge, she began writing fiction in 1980, producing approximately one book a year of elegant, restrained prose. Her quiet, elegiac, and often bleak novels usually concern lonely, meek, and genteel middle-aged women (and occasionally men), unlucky in love and yearning for it, but largely unable to establish or maintain relationships with those around them. Brookner's works include Look at Me (1983), Hotel du Lac (1984; Booker Prize), Latecomers (1988), Fraud (1992), Undue Influence (1999), Strangers (2009), and her last work of fiction, the e-book novella At the Hairdressers (2011). Her nonfiction work Romanticism and Its Discontents (2000) is an analysis of French Romanticism.
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Other notable authors who missed out on a short-listed place include Will Self for Dorian, Anita Brookner for The Next Big Thing and William Boyd for Any Human Heart.
Weldon echoed previous comments by other novelists such as Dame Beryl Bainbridge, who referred to it as "froth", and Deborah Moggach, Margaret Drabble and Anita Brookner who suggested there was an "ageist and lookist" trend amongst publishers.
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On one occasion John Cooper Clark and Anita Brookner were on on the same night and the audiences met in the foyer.
If she were not a serious novelist, Anita Brookner might be accused of having a formula.
On the bookshelves are novels and political biographies including Nelson Mandela's Long Road to Freedom and books by Anita Brookner and Denise Rubens.