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Hill, Anita (Faye)

(1956–  ) lawyer, professor; born in Lone Tree, Okla. After Yale Law School, she worked in Washington (1981–83) then taught law at Oral Roberts (1983–88) and the University of Oklahoma (1988). Her testimony at the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (1991) put sexual harassment on the national agenda.
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Anita Hill, whose name has been synonymous with sexual harassment for more than two decades, sits down with Black Enterprise Business Report host Caroline Clarke for a revealing, in-depth conversation about conducting a career in political crosshairs
Wade, equal employment opportunities for women, the testimony of Anita Hill, and the Articles of Impeachment against President Bill Clinton.
Thompson names modern women who fit the iconic Black lady" mold--Coretta Scott King, Anita Hill, Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama --you know exactly whom she is trying to liberate.
Barbara Jordan, Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Harvey Milk, Anita Hill, Sister Souljah, Betty Friedan, Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Barney Frank, Kweisi Mfume, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Race-ing Justice, En-gendering Power: Essays on Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas, and the Construction of Social Reality.
His controversial book about Anita Hill, who brought sexual harassment charges against Justice Clarence Thomas at his 1991 confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, charged that Hill had fabricated her allegations.
Vanessa Williams' crowning and subsequent dethroning as the first African-American Miss America in 1984, and the media scrutiny of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings in the early 1990s further illustrate the vilification of black women.
I think this is France's Anita Hill moment," she said, recalling the woman whose accusations of sexual harassment nearly derailed the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court in 1991 and sharply divided Americans.
Over the years, a number of reporters have resigned over such episodes of "Prudenizing" Dawn Ceol, daughter of conservative guru Paul Weyrich, quit in 1991 after charging Pruden had changed her article on the Clarence Thomas hearings to portray Anita Hill as a "fantasizer,' Media critic Don Kowet left in 1992, complaining that his profile of Bob Woodward had been re-written as an unmitigated attack piece.
Eleanor Clift hoped that the Simpson case would be to domestic violence what Anita Hill was to sexual harassment, that in the aftermath of this hideous murder, domestic violence finally would be taken seriously.
Dr Anita Hill is a Research Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, Australia.
Take Democrat Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, for example, who famously underwent hair plug surgery and was widely referenced for it during the Anita Hill senate hearings.