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armored dinosaur, suborder of the Ornithi-schia order of dinosaurs, characteristic of the Cretaceous period. Ankylosaurs were large (up to eight or nine meters long), herbivorous, four-legged reptiles. The body was broad and thick, protected from above by bony spines or shields that were joined in some ankylosaurs into a solid coat of armor, hence their other name. There were often sharp spikes at the end of the tail, which served as an active means of defense against predatory dinosaurs. Remains of ankylosaurs have been found on all the continents except Australia and Antarctica, but mainly in the Cretaceous layer of North America, Europe, and Asia. In the USSR they have been found in Central Kazakhstan and Kyzylkum.


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Remains of the ankylosaurs were first found near Price, Utah by Sue Anne Bilby and Evan Hall of the Vernal Field House Museum in Vernal, Utah.
The four species span a period of about 10 million years and Arbour's research shows that three of those ankylosaurs species lived at the same time in what is now Dinosaur Provincial Park in southern Alberta.
Mallon said he is hoping to see scutes, or bony plates or scales that were on the skin of ankylosaurs.
The Colorado ankylosaur belongs to the family Nodosauridae--passive, plant-eating animals built like fortresses.
The gnashing teeth of various Iguanodons, Ceratops and Ankylosaurs were blunted.
Ankylosaurs were four-legged plant eaters with rows of bony plates covering their backs and skulls.
From past finds, paleontologists know that the Vega Island area was home to ankylosaurs and other herbivorous dinosaurs.
Famous dinosaurs in that area included predatory tyrannosaurs, the duck-billed hadrosaurs, heavily armored ankylosaurs, and horned dinosaurs known as ceratopsians.
Stegosaurs had bony back plates and tail spikes, and ankylosaurs sported heavily armoured bodies and bony tail clubs.