Anna Comnena

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Anna Comnena

(än`nə kŏmnē`nə), b. 1083, d. after 1148, Byzantine princess and historian; daughter of Emperor Alexius I. She plotted, during and after her father's reign, against her brother, John IIJohn II
(John Comnenus) , 1088–1143, Byzantine emperor (1118–43), son and successor of Alexius I. He was crowned despite the intrigues of his sister, Anna Comnena, and of his mother, Irene.
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, in favor of her husband, Nicephorus Bryennius, whom she wished to rule as emperor. Having failed, she retired to a convent. There she wrote the Alexiad (finished in 1148), one of the outstanding Greek historical works of the Middle Ages. Covering the reign of Alexius I and the First Crusade, it tends to glorify her father and his family; however, Anna's familiarity with public affairs and her access to the imperial archives give her work great value. There is an English translation by E. R. Sewter (1979).


See biography by G. Buckler (1929).

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His discussion of the First Crusade relies heavily, though with some caution, on Anna Comnena.
Anna Comnena, daughter of the emperor Alexius I (AD 1081-1118) says of the subject (trans.
Nevertheless, in her endnote, the author (who is an archeology graduate) does not claim it as such; and, stressing the dramatic happenings, wars, and machinations of the times (as recorded by Anna Comnena and other biased chroniclers), she states that she tried to recreate that historical period in the form of fiction.
Anna Of Brunswick's siblings include Group 3 mile-and-a-half winner Anno Luce, Anna Comnena, dam of the smart Sadlers Wings, and Anna Matrushka, whose progeny include Annaba (by In The Wings), Anne Of Saxony, Pozarica and Godolphin's promising three-year-old Andean.
To these references cited by Lucci (1964) can be added a passage in the Alexiad of Anna Comnena, daughter of the emperor Alexius I (AD 1081-1118) (trans.