Anne of Denmark

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Anne of Denmark,

1574–1619, queen consort of James I of England (James VI of Scotland), daughter of Frederick II of Denmark and Norway. She married James in 1589. Brought up a Lutheran, she became a Roman Catholic some time in the 1590s and at James's English coronation (1603) refused to take Anglican communion. James appeared devoted to her at first, but her extravagance and shallowness came to annoy him, and her Catholicism was an embarrassment to him in England. They lived apart after c.1606.
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The following entry states: "In the beginning of December the Princess Anne of Denmark came most nobly attended to Coventry, with many lords, knights, esquires and gentlemen, and many hundred horse.
First came the challenge of Francis Stewart, fifth earl of Bothwell, to James' royal authority, which was made shortly before the king left to rescue his bride, Anne of Denmark, whose fleet was stranded in Norway.
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Following a discussion of the architectural symbolism of court chapels, McCullough examined court chaplains for Elizabeth, James I, Anne of Denmark (wife of James I), Prince Henry, and Prince Charles.
He married Anne of Denmark in 1589; a good Lutheran, but drawn by friends in Scotland to Catholicism.
James defied Elizabeth by arranging to marry Anne of Denmark.
There is a fascinating chapter on parlour games, known as 'Newes' and 'Edicts', in which men and women constituting the circle around Anne of Denmark participated.
And he had, after all, presided at a claret-drinking contest in 1789 - the prize being an ebony whistle won from a member of the court of Queen Anne of Denmark after a similar wanton bout.