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Anna, czarina of Russia


(Anna Ivanovna) (än`nə ĭvä`nôvnə), 1693–1740, czarina of Russia (1730–40), daughter of Ivan VIvan V,
1666–96, czar of Russia (1682–96), son of Czar Alexis by his first wife. Ivan was mentally retarded, and on the death of his elder brother, Feodor III, his succession was opposed by the supporters of his half-brother, Peter I (Peter the Great).
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 and niece of Peter IPeter I
or Peter the Great,
1672–1725, czar of Russia (1682–1725), major figure in the development of imperial Russia. Early Life

Peter was the youngest child of Czar Alexis, by Alexis's second wife, Natalya Naryshkin.
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 (Peter the Great). On the death of her distant cousin, Peter IIPeter II,
1715–30, czar of Russia (1727–30). A grandson of Peter I and the son of the czarevich Alexis, he succeeded on the death of Catherine I. He was too young to rule, but he willingly lent himself to a court intrigue, led by the Gallitzin and Dolgoruki families,
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, she was chosen czarina by the supreme privy council, which thus hoped to gain power for itself. Anna signed articles limiting her power, but she soon restored autocratic rule, with support from the lesser nobility and the imperial guards. She made minor concessions to the nobles but restored the security police and terrorized opponents. Distrusting the nobility, she excluded Russians from high positions and surrounded herself with Baltic Germans. Her favorite, Ernst Johann von BironBiron or Biren, Ernst Johann von
, 1690–1772, duke of Courland (1737–43, 1763–69), favorite of Czarina Anna of Russia.
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, had the greatest influence. Allied with Holy Roman Emperor Charles VICharles VI,
1685–1740, Holy Roman emperor (1711–40), king of Bohemia (1711–40) and, as Charles III, king of Hungary (1712–40); brother and successor of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I. Charles was the last Holy Roman emperor of the direct Hapsburg line.
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, Anna intervened in the War of the Polish SuccessionPolish Succession, War of the,
1733–35. On the death (1733) of Augustus II of Poland, Stanislaus I sought to reascend the Polish throne. He was supported by his son-in-law, Louis XV of France.
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 (1733–35), installed Augustus IIIAugustus III,
1696–1763, king of Poland (1735–63) and, as Frederick Augustus II, elector of Saxony (1733–63); son of Augustus II, whom he succeeded in Saxony.
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 as king of Poland, and attacked Turkey in 1736. Charles's separate peace with the Turks at Belgrade forced Russia to make peace in turn, at the price of all recent conquests except Azov. During Anna's reign began the great Russian push into central Asia. She was succeeded by her grandnephew, Ivan VIIvan VI,
1740–64, czar of Russia (1740–41), great-grandson of Ivan V. He was the son of Prince Anthony Ulric of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and of Anna Leopoldovna.
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Anna, in the Bible


(ăn`ə), [Gr.,=Heb. HannahHannah,
in the Bible, Samuel's mother. Her song is recalled in the Magnificat. The names Anna and Ann are variants of Hannah.
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], in the Bible.

1 Aged prophetess who hailed Jesus' presentation at the Temple.

2 In the Book of Tobit, the mother of young Tobias.



an urban-type settlement, the administrative center of Anna Raion, Voronezh Oblast, RSFSR. It is the terminal station on a branch of the Griazi-Voronezh railway line. Population in 1968, 16,300. Industry consists of an oil mill, distillery, winery, asphalt and concrete factory, brickyard, furniture factory, and poultry combine.


a former Indian copper coin, worth one sixteenth of a rupee


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