Annie Jump Cannon

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Cannon, Annie Jump


Born Dec. 11, 1863, in Dover, Del.; died Apr. 13, 1941, in Cambridge, Mass. American astronomer.

Cannon graduated from Wellesley College in 1884. From 1897 to 1941 she was on the staff of the Harvard Observatory. Cannon, together with E. Pickering, published (1918–24) a voluminous work that contained a classification of the spectra of 225,330 stars.


Pannekoek, A. Istoriia astronomii. (Translated from English.) Moscow, 1966.
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Project leader Emily Levesque of the University of Colorado Boulder, who earlier this year was awarded the American Astronomical Society's Annie Jump Cannon Award, said studying these objects is exciting because it represents a completely new model of how stellar interiors can work.
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