proxy server

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proxy server

Computing a computer that acts as an intermediary between a client machine and a server, caching information to save access time

proxy server

[′präk·sē ‚sər·vər]
(computer science)
Software for caching and filtering Web content to reduce network traffic on intranets, and for increasing security by filtering content and restricting access.

Proxy Server

(software, security)
Microsoft's proxy server and proxy gateway, designed to provide extensible firewall and network security. Proxy Server is part of BackOffice.

proxy server

(programming, World-Wide Web)
A process providing a cache of items available on other servers which are presumably slower or more expensive to access.

This term is used particularly for a World-Wide Web server which accepts URLs with a special prefix. When it receives a request for such a URL, it strips off the prefix and looks for the resulting URL in its local cache. If found, it returns the document immediately, otherwise it fetches it from the remote server, saves a copy in the cache and returns it to the requester. The cache will usually have an expiry algorithm which flushes documents according to their age, size and access history.

Compare proxy gateway.

proxy server

Also called a "proxy," it is a computer system or router that breaks the connection between sender and receiver. Functioning as a relay between client and server, proxy servers help prevent an attacker from invading a private network and are one of several tools used to build a firewall.

The word proxy means "to act on behalf of another," and a proxy server acts on behalf of the user. All requests from clients to the Internet go to the proxy server first. The proxy evaluates the request, and if allowed, re-establishes it on the outbound side to the Internet. Likewise, responses from the Internet go to the proxy server to be evaluated. The proxy then relays the message to the client. Both client and server think they are communicating with one another, but, in fact, are dealing only with the proxy.

Address Translation and Caching
The proxy server is a dual-homed host with two network interfaces and two IP addresses. The IP address on the outbound side of the proxy is the one the Internet sees, and the address of the machine making the request is hidden to the outside world. Proxies are often used in conjunction with network address translation (NAT), which hides all the IP addresses of the client machines on the internal network. Proxy servers may also cache Web pages, so that the next request for that same page can be obtained much faster locally. See NAT and proxy cache.

Other Proxies
Anonymous proxy servers let users surf the Web and keep their IP address private (see anonymous proxy). Although not specifically called a proxy, Internet email (SMTP) is a similar concept because it forwards mail. Messages are not sent directly from client to client without going through the mail server. Likewise, the Internet's Usenet news system (NNTP) forwards messages to neighboring servers. See firewall.

Application Level and Circuit Level
Proxy servers are available for common Internet services; for example, an HTTP proxy is used for Web access; an FTP proxy is used for file transfers. Such proxies are called "application-level" proxies or "application-level gateways," because they are dedicated to a particular application and protocol and are aware of the content of the packets being sent. A generic proxy, called a "circuit-level" proxy, supports multiple applications. For example, SOCKS is IP-based circuit-level proxy server software that supports TCP and UDP applications (see SOCKS).

Forward and Reverse Proxies
In this definition, the proxy servers are used to hide the details of the clients from the servers and are thus known as "forward proxies." However, they can also reside at the website to hide the details of the servers from the clients (see reverse proxy).

A Proxy Server in a LAN
In this LAN server illustration, the proxy server sits between two routers in what is known as a "demilitarized zone." See DMZ.
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For a business like 121 Financial, anonymous proxies are just one of 50 default settings, including categories for shopping and travel sites, that Tru-Views uses to filter up to 6 million web pages a day.
With an increasing number of anonymous proxy sites now being access via HTTPS, the latest version of Tru-View Technology is now also able to identify and block these in real-time offering enhanced protection against anonymous proxies and allow IT managers to continue to provide a secure environment.
In addition, the solution can detect and block the majority of newly created anonymous proxy sites, reducing the workload of IT staff and increasing protection against anonymous proxies.
Vericept gives administrators insight into risky network activity, such as the use of anonymous proxies for URL filter avoidance, or the inappropriate use of Web-based mail, social networking sites and instant messaging.
Users age 40-50 are aware of anonymous proxies used to get around Web filters at the same rate as the 18-24 group, yet about double the number of 18-24 users have used them to access blocked sites.
Prior to purchasing the Cymphonix device, Llano ISD IT administrators were faced with two major problems: anonymous proxies and lack of visibility into network traffic.
Being an in-line device allows for 7-layer deep packet inspection of all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, ultimately stopping users from bypassing filters using anonymous proxies.
While some network administrators may use web filters to completely block NBC's website in an attempt to control content, savvy users may bypass those configurations with the help of anonymous proxies.
has integrated three Cymphonix Network Composer[TM] DC30XS appliance and one Network Composer DC50XS appliance to limit non-critical web browsing, stop anonymous proxies and other filter bypass methods, and prioritize bandwidth so educators have faster access to the tools they need and use the most.
Like the issue of anonymous proxies before them, these non-traditional applications are introducing more problems for the workplace, and the plethora of new applications being developed each day only compounds the problem," said George Shih, CEO of 8e6 Technologies.
3 includes active content filter avoidance technology that proactively seeks out anonymous proxies, secure anonymous proxies and other filter avoidance approaches and automatically blocks them.
The Network Composer series of devices are content filtering solutions that address anonymous proxies, HTTPS and other recent filter bypass technologies.