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see AntiochAntioch
or Antakya
, city (1990 pop. 124,443), capital of Hatay prov., S Turkey, on the Orontes (Asi) River, near the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of Mt. Silpius. Antioch is the trade center for a region where grains, cotton, grapes, olives, and vegetables are grown.
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, Turkey.
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Renowned for its rich soil and warm Mediterranean climate, the Antakya region cultivates distinctively delicious pomegranates that are bursting with a wonderfully sweet taste and delightfully fragrant aroma.
Authorities have issued an alert stating that an extremist group is planning to conduct suicide attacks in Antakya, Istanbul and the capital Ankara.
The Dammam hub will be primarily used to serve destinations in Saudi Arabia and the Madinah hub will be used for domestic and international flights starting with Istanbul and shortly followed by Antakya in Turkey.
He trained on the Syrian-Turkish border near Antakya and did a lot of tours" in Syria, Bakr said, quoting his brother's co-fighters who contacted the family to tell them he had died.
Three months later and despite the condemnation of international community and governments, those "legendary heroes" have caused the death of another protester - 23-year-old Ahmet Atakan in Antakya.
Prime Mall Gaziantep marks the third investment of the German giant after two other malls in Iskenderun and Antakya districts of another province in the region, Hatay.
Demonstrator Ahmet Atakan died in hospital Monday night after being allegedly hit in the head by a tear gas canister during clashes between police and around 150 protesters in the southeastern city of Antakya near the Syrian border.
One man died after being shot by an unidentified gunman in the southern city of Antakya.
As clashes entered a fifth day on Tuesday, a second death was reported in Turkey's southern city of Antakya.
The reported death toll rises to two with officials in the southern city of Antakya saying that Abdullah Comert, 22, died at a protest on Monday.
The Anadolu news agency reported that Syrian opposition member Michel Kilo met in Antakya with "Christian forces that have come from the interior and from abroad" to form a group dubbed "Christian Syrians for Justice and Freedom".