Ante Pavelic

Pavelić, Ante


Born July 14, 1889, in Bradina; died Dec. 28, 1959, in Madrid. Leader of the Ustaše, the Croatian fascist terrorist organization; war criminal.

Pavelić, a lawyer, was secretary of the nationalist Croatian Party of Rights from 1915 to 1929. He founded the Ustaše organization in Italy in 1929. As head of the puppet “Independent Croatian State,” which was set up in April 1941 by the fascist German and Italian occupation forces, Pavelić organized the killing of hundreds of thousands of Yugoslavs between 1941 and 1945. After he fled from Yugoslavia at the war’s end, he lived in hiding in Austria, Italy, Argentina, and Spain. In 1945 a Yugoslav people’s court sentenced him to death in absentia.

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Then, a bloody and vicious civil war erupted, one that not only opposed the Chetniks (Serbs) of Draza Mihailovid to the passionate and irrational Ustashas (Croats) of Ante Pavelic, but also both of them to the Partisans (or Communists) of Josip Tito.
Under the lead of Ante Pavelic, the Ustashi created the Independent Government of Croatia and was officially welcomed by the Catholic hierarchy through Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac.
A MASS OFFERED for the soul of World War II Croatian dictator Ante Pavelic has drawn criticism and a church rebuke.
In more than one of their hangouts, the portrait of Ante Pavelic, the leader of Croatia's World War II clerical fascist movement, the Ustashi, adorns the walls.
Ante Pavelic led the so-called Ustashe movement whose currency was also the kuna.
Stepinac, it is darkly hinted, was an accomplice of the unspeakable wartime dictator Ante Pavelic and therefore somehow involved in the frightful atrocities perpetrated against Serbs.