Benedetto Antelami

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Antelami, Benedetto


Born circa 1150; died circa 1230. Italian sculptor and architect. An outstanding master of Romanesque sculpture. He was influenced by the plastic an of southern France.

Antelami worked mainly in Parma, where he began (in 1196), and carried out a substantial part of a sculptured decoration of the Baptistery. He also created the relief The Descent From the Cross (1178) for the city cathedral.


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That Leger day I didn't fancy the Italian favourite Antelami and nor could I go for Derby winner Larkspur, who had been very lucky at Epsom, where seven of his rivals fell, and had been beaten twice since then.
A brief introduction comments on the native Romanesque masters Wiligelmo and Antelami, setting the stage for what she regards as the "fundamental classicism of the Italian tradition, or rather traditions" (19).