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The current study investigated the hypothesis that anthocyanins, flavonols and flavonoid polymers, classes of flavonoids found in berries, tea, onions and apples, were protective against CHD in young and middle-aged women.
Professor Cathie Martin from the John Innes Centre and her colleagues researched tomatoes enriched in anthocyanin, a natural pigment that confers high antioxidant capacity.
After 18 years, the risk of heart attack in those who got the most anthocyanins from their food (at least 25 milligrams a day) was 32 percent lower than the risk in those who got the least (2.
These colours can be found in anthocyanins, which are present in numerous vegetables and fruits, including blackcurrants, grapes and purple carrot.
If insect attack is generally high, causing higher costs than the costs for the production of red anthocyanins in autumn, trees would benefit from being red.
In this study, we investigated whether tart cherry extract or specific anthocyanins contained in the tart cherry show synergistic anti-inflammatory effects with I ipitor.
In 2003, Mallery and her team began to identify the benefits of anthocyanins and methods to utilize the powerful antioxidants.
Anthocyanins are naturally occurring pigments that give fruits and berries their red, blue and purple coloration.
The focus of our current study was to evaluate the effects of anthocyanins purified from bilberries and blackcurrants on endothelial function in individuals with hypercholesterolemia and to explore the underlying mechanism of any observed effects.
ChromaDex plans to develop an extraction process to concentrate the anthocyanins in Suntava purple corn, which will be used to produce a highly concentrated anthocyanin ingredient.
They found that while fresh cranberry juice contained good levels of anthocyanins, vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and had a reddish color, after undergoing a heat treatment, the level of anthocyanins in the heat-treated samples decreased somewhat from the levels found in fresh juice.
Evonik Industries and MedPalett, a 100 percent owned affiliate of the Norwegian firm Biolink Group AS, have signed a distribution agreement, which will see Evonik take on the distribution of MP865, a nutritional supplement containing anthocyanins which have a range of proven health benefits.