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a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors



a collection containing verses or various sayings and fragments by many authors. Anthologies have existed in the East and Greece since ancient times. They were widespread in Old Russian literature (izborniki) and in the literature of the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Anthologies published at the beginning of the 20th century include Russian Muse (1907), by P. Ia. (P. F. Iakubovich), and Armenian Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Translated by Russian Poets, edited by V. Ia. Briusov (1916). In Soviet times a number of anthologies have been published containing poetry of the peoples of the USSR in Russian translation.

Anthology verses—a term dating from the first half of the 19th century—are verses written in the manner of ancient poetry. Examples are K. N. Batiushkov’s “To an Aged Beauty,” A. S. Pushkin’s “Nereid,” and later some poems by N. F. Shcherbina and A. N. Maikov.

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One of the first major anthologies of literature was the Anthologia Hellenike ("Greek Anthology"), a renowned collection of Greek prose and poetry.
1) Palladas's epigrams in the Anthologia Palatina (AP) and Anthologia Planudea (API) are cited by book and poem number alone.
1926 (1), 1936 (2), 1952 (3)) Anthologia Lyrica Graeca.
The 24-line sonnet, "Lonely I sit upon the silent shore," was published in Anthologia Hibernica: or Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-Lettres, and History, vol.
New York: Garland, 1974), 579, "he succeeded in an attempt to render into Latin metre, from the Greek Anthologia, sundry of the epigrams therein contained, that had been omitted by other translators, alledging as a reason, which he had found in Fabricius, that Henry Stephens, Buchanan, Grotius, and others, had paid a like tribute to literature.
Greek Anthology (Greek Anthologia Hellenike), also called Palatine Anthology.
Homines * Bellum et res militares * Virtus bellica (AP VII 6, 1; SR 86, 10-11; in particolare, in Anthologia Palatina anche Homines * Mythologica * Virtus, cf.
1) Todos estos epigramas, hasta un total de 63 y a excepcion de uno, aparecen en la Anthologia graeca, sobre todo en los libros X y XI, que contienen, respectivamente, epigramas morales y burlescos.
About 160 epigrams (four of which are probably not by him) are preserved under Palladas's name in the Anthologia Palatina (AP) and Anthologia Planudea (APl).
These works--of which there are sixteen, covering a period of over three centuries within Late Antiquity(1) --are usually treated at best with amused tolerance, and at worst (as in the new Anthologia Latina)(2) with angry disdain.
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