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As a consequence, we used the widely prescribed anti-diabetic drug metformin, which is known to operate on fatty-acid metabolism, to enhance this process," Choi added.
The discovery of the anti-diabetic drug was a result of extensive research and firm commitment of Professor Nelson in the natural plant products of Nigerian biodiversity.
We are in a notable position of having been involved in clinical research in almost every promising diabetes-related therapy and in all key anti-diabetic drug categories, benefiting diabetes research as a whole," said Dr.
No significant drug interactions have been reported, however this is an area of little research and potential interactions may occur with the use of elderberry together with anti-diabetic drugs, morphine, phenobarbital, diuretics and immuneactive drugs.
It also improves the body's insulin response, putting it in the same range or even higher than that produced by novel anti-diabetic drugs," said Prof.
1 million prescription items - including insulin, anti-diabetic drugs and monitoring devices for the condition - were handed out to patients in England, an 18 million rise on the number prescribed in 2005/6.
It was noted that the country's state diabetics program provides quality insulin, however there are number of other problems such as unavailability of anti-diabetic drugs, disruptions in insulin supply, and other.
Insulin secretagogues are anti-diabetic drugs that help manage blood sugar by increasing the production of insulin in the body.
Despite the availability of several oral anti-diabetic drugs and insulin, a significant proportion of subjects with T2DM do not achieve the recommended blood glucose target levels.
Metformin is one of the world's most widely prescribed anti-diabetic drugs.
And, recently, scientists at the University of Massachusetts discovered that two soy isoflavones, daidzein and equol, work like some of the anti-diabetic drugs doctors currently prescribe.

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