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principal character of a modern literary or dramatic work who lacks the attributes of the traditional protagonist or hero. The anti-hero's lack of courage, honesty, or grace, his weaknesses and confusion, often reflect modern man's ambivalence toward traditional moral and social virtues. Literary characters that can be considered anti-heroes are: Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's novel Ulysses (1922), Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman (1949), the bombardier Yossarian in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 (1961), and the protagonists of many of Philip Roth's and Kurt Vonnegut's novels.
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Archetypes For Spiritual Direction acts as the ultimate guide to discovering the proper spiritual path and mentality in heroic pertinence for every reader as it states both the perspective of how to maintain reality within the acceptance of a heroic and anti-heroic archetypes and how they help or block spiritual growth.
By turns heroic, anti-heroic, ironic, anguished and almost unbearably poignant (as in the magnificent slow movement of the First Violin Concerto, where the soloist seems stunned into stuttering inarticulacy at one point by the sheer tragic beauty of the music), it is classical music for what is still -regrettably, in many respects - the modern age.
He's a baseball-cap-wearing, faceless, anti-heroic everyman.
These include anti-heroic protagonists, dysfunctional relationships, an obsession with death, and, of course, strange sexual cravings.
The post war anti-heroic novel challenged many things about the heroic
Sara MacKillop's ephemeral abstract objects punctuate rather than make any great demand on a space, acting as anti-heroic statements.
Ours is an anti-heroic, irony-ridden age, and Tolkien's attempts to revive the high-mimetic style of heroism in particular, especially at the end of The Lord of the Rings, have often met with ridicule (Pearce 1-10).
Anti-heroic and anti-rhetorical, it is a literature of angry protest, employing satire, irony and savage realism.
Again, as in the past, Prodigal served as an unforgettable springboard for two dancers, Guennadi Nedviguine (an anti-heroic protagonist in the James Cagney manner) and Gonzalo Garcia, who came out of the corps to deliver the performance of a lifetime.
Still, Rip's newfound happiness is no less a product of his marital release than it is of his "being arrived at that happy age when a man can be idle with impunity" (52), so a twenty-year nap proves key to Rip's anti-heroic contentment.
Senesino and the Heroic - Anti-Heroic Male Role" then takes up the other half of the starring couple and argues that "the combination of singer and dramatic circumstance in the case of both Durastanti and Senesino was the catalyst for Handel's creative process, a process that was very similar for Borosini in the role of Bajazet but was very different from the process developed later for Cuzzoni and Bordoni.
The anti-heroic age bespeaks a culture that does not like or trust boys and men enough.