Antiaircraft Gun

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antiaircraft gun

[′an·tē′er‚kraft ‚gən]
A gun designed for use against aircraft, easily shifted in direction and elevation, having great range, and capable of firing at high angles of elevation.

Antiaircraft Gun


an artillery gun designed to destroy air targets. Antiaircraft guns appeared before World War I in Germany, France, and Italy and were scarce in number.

In Russia the 3-inch (76-mm) 1914 model antiaircraft gun was adopted. In the USSR on the eve of the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), the following were available: 76-mm 1915–28, 1931, and 1938 models of antiaircraft guns, 37-mm and 85-mm 1939 model antiaircraft guns, and 25-mm 1940 model automatic antiaircraft guns. After World War II the 57-mm, 100-mm, and 130-mm antiaircraft guns provided with antiaircraft directors and gunlaying radar were adopted; these constituted antiaircraft artillery complexes. With the appearance of antiaircraft missile complexes in the 1950’s, medium-caliber (60–100 mm) and large-caliber (100 mm and more) antiaircraft guns have gradually been discarded; the small-caliber (20–60 mm) two to four barrel self-propelled automatic antiaircraft guns remain. They have an elevation range up to 90°, an all-around traverse of 360°, muzzle velocity of 800–1,000 m/sec, and a rate of fire of more than 500 rounds a minute. Antiaircraft guns are equipped with computers, automatic sights, and radar sets.


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But even Fonda's harshest critics would do well to read My Life carefully--and not simply because she apologizes for the photo with the antiaircraft gun.
The antiaircraft guns and searchlights of World War II are gone, as are the barrage balloons and smoke generators.
Points are awarded for each enemy that the player destroys, but for every round of mortar or antiaircraft gun that a player fires, they also lose a point.
12) The prewar tenet of German airpower doctrine that gave antiaircraft guns the dominant air-defense role had been fulfilled by default.
We were also aware that after about an hour an antiaircraft gun had been placed in the nearby field.
COLOMBO - Three soldiers were killed in a bomb attack in Sri Lanka's northern Jaffna Peninsula late Monday, hours after troops had uncovered a rebel weapons cache that included Russian-made surface-to-air missiles and an antiaircraft gun, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday.
My trade was electrician control equipment and my first posting was on attachment to a Royal Artillery antiaircraft gun battery on Dengie Marshes in Essex, and finishing my time at the REME workshops in Singapore after VJ Day.
Three Tamil Tiger rebels on Friday blew themselves up after Scandinavian truce monitors found an antiaircraft gun aboard a fishing trawler they were navigating.
Cruise missiles are generally used against targets well defended by antiaircraft guns and missiles.
His execution was brutal: Death by antiaircraft guns.
IS fighters have access to, and are capable of using, a wide variety of small arms and heavy weapons, including truckmounted machineguns, rocket launchers, antiaircraft guns and portable surfacetoair missile systems.
They operated rocket launchers and antiaircraft guns in London, the North Downs and around the country and guarded factories, railways, bridges, airfields and other important sites.