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a medicinal preparation that suppresses inflammatory reactions. Antiphlogistics include derivatives of salicylic acid, such as sodium salicylate, salicylamide, and acetylsalicylic acid, and derivatives of pyrazolone, such as amidopyrine, analgin, and butadion. Indomethacin, a derivative of indole, is also an antiphlogistic.

Antiphlogistics are used for treating rheumatism, neuritis, myositis, arthritis, and other diseases that are accompanied by inflammation. An intense antiphlogistic effect is exerted by the hormones of the adrenal cortex, or corticosteroids, which include cortisone and hydrocortisone. Adrenocortical synthetic preparations include prednisolone, dexamethasone, and Synalar. With local use, an antiphlogistic effect is produced by substances that constrict blood vessels, such as adrenaline, ephedrine, and naphthyzine. Astringents and coating agents are also antiphlogistic.


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Effects: relaxing; memory improvement; body cleansing; antioxidant; cancer prevention; lowering of blood cholesterols and other fatty acids; cooling of excessive body hear and quenching of a difficult thirst; antiphlogistic
2-1% Applications: baby skin care creams and lotions Comments: Antiphlogistic effect.
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