Antitank Ditch

antitank ditch

[¦an·tē¦taŋk ‚dich]
A deep ditch prepared as an obstacle to enemy tanks. Also known as tank ditch.

Antitank Ditch


a man-made obstacle in the form of a broad, deep earthen ditch dug in front of the forward line of a defensive position or in the depth of the defense to stop enemy tanks and destroy them by the fire of antitank weapons.

Breaks are left when digging the ditch, and the approaches to the ditch are mined and covered by all types of fire. Antitank ditches were used extensively in the first part of the Great Patriotic War of 1941‣45.

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Late in the planning cycle, we received a fragmentary order from the brigade attaching two bulldozer blade teams that would be responsible for constructing an antitank ditch.
Units at home station should incorporate antitank ditch reduction training to refiect the nature of complex obstacles commonly emplaced by the DATE near-peer conventional adversary.
The ABV reduces cross-country maneuver time to the point of penetration, decreases the number of vehicles and personnel exposed to direct fire at the point of penetration, and cuts the time to reduce an antitank ditch.
The Grizzly is designed to clear--within 21 minutes--a full-width lane (analogous to a wide pathway rather than two separate left- and right-side wheel tracks) through a designated complex-obstacle system of 600 meters in depth (length) that includes antipersonnel wire, an antitank ditch, and antipersonnel and antitank mines laid to standard densities and depths.
A heavy assault bridge (HAB), such as a Wolverine, or an armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB), for spanning the antitank ditch or the wire entanglements.