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, Lat. Antium, town (1991 pop. 33,497), in Latium, central Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a seaside resort with a fishing industry. A Volscian town, it was captured by Rome in 341 B.C. and became a favorite resort of the Romans.
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, Italy.
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When Coriolanus met Aufidius in Antium, aside from Aufidius's coughing laugh at Coriolanus's "service," each stood silent and motionless as the other spoke, Coriolanus leaning back with a slightly pained look as be listened.
Desde una perspectiva moralizante, Salviano culpabiliza al vicio de la caida del Imperio porque el mismo termina corrompiendo a las personas: quid autem aliud est cunstorumnegoti antium uita quam fraus atque periuicum?
Wearing rags, Coriolanus crawled to Aufidius's house in Antium.
He supposedly played the lyre and was 50 miles away in Antium when he heard the news.
Or is Antium a despotic society where self-expression meets brutal repression?
Obviously, Martius' dependency is most acute when he deserts Rome for the Volscians; Aufidius responds to Martius when he recognizes him in Antium as if his first love had suddenly reappeared: 'I lov'd the maid I married; never man / Sigh'd truer breath; but that I see thee here, / Thou noble thing, more dances my rapt heart / Than when I first my wedded mistress saw / Bestride my threshold' (IV.
11) Note that at Praeneste and Antium sortes were used as a form of divination (Cicero, De divin.
Zawadzki (Fribourg, 1989) 211-14 (on the inscription ILS 1455 from Antium, recording a sacerdos confarreationum et diffarreationum).
En el caso de Anciate se ha senalado Antium incluso como su lugar de origen atendiendo a su cognomen, mientras que el conocimiento topografico del norte de Italia que muestran los fragmentos de Cuadrigario ha hecho pensar a otros que seria ese su lugar de origen (52).
Dressed in the heavy long coat and hat of a depression-era vagrant who had just spent a long day in search of a soup kitchen, Coriolanus entered up-stage into an Antium bathed in eerie red light.