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What does it mean when you dream about antlers?

Because they are particularly characteristic of certain male animals, antlers tend to represent masculinity, masculine sexuality (virility), and male aggression (particularly conflict between males). In a dream, they may represent masculine power and assertiveness or a metaphorical “trophy of the hunt.”


metaphorical decoration for deceived husband. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 395]
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As we seek out these special animals, we unearth lots of claims of antler scores that are carelessly thrown around.
These matched antlers were simply tossed alongside the rancher's workshop until another hunter recognized their incredible size and purchased them.
Today, he gets antlers from commissioned dealers in Wyoming, Canada, and the Four Corners states, and he takes an annual trip to Europe to get his hands on prized racks from the continent's fallow deer and red stags.
Abstract: Current and past geographic variation of antler size of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) across Missouri is unknown.
Yes, my dear, deer do shed their antlers every year.
Ito, for the semi-finals against the league's strongest team, the Kashima Antlers.
At the Antlers at Vail hotel, the staff continually thinks of ways to add value to their guests' vacation experiences.
Wen there is a certain buck I want to get the antlers from, I show real enthusiasm and some creativity.
Media Contacts: Rob LeVine, General Manager, Antlers at Vail, 970.
Velvet antlers are made of cartilage and differ from the horns found on bovids which do not fall off ever year (Haigh and Hudson, 1993).
SOUTh KOREA: Police yesterday arrested a man who allegedly pocketed enormous profits by passing off cheap deer antlers imported from New Zealand as expensive homegrown items.