Antonin Artaud

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Antonin Artaud
Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud
BirthplaceMarseille, France
Theatre director, poet, actor, playwright
Known for Theatre of Cruelty

Artaud, Antonin

(äNtônăN` ärtō`), 1896–1948, French poet, actor, and director. During the 1920s and 30s he was associated with various experimental theater groups in Paris, and he cofounded the Théâtre Alfred Jarry. Artaud's theories of drama, particularly his concept of the "theater of cruelty," greatly influenced 20th-century theater. He related theater to the plague because both destroy the veneer of civilization, revealing the ugly realities beneath and returning humanity to a primitive state, in which it lacks morality and reason. The aim of the "theater of cruelty" was to disturb the audience and reveal the forces of nature. To achieve this end he emphasized the nonverbal aspects of theater such as color and movement and stressed the importance of violence as a theatrical device. Artaud's most important work is Le Théâtre et son double (1938, tr. 1958). His influence can be seen in the works of Jean GenetGenet, Jean
, 1910–86, French dramatist. Deserted by his parents as an infant, Genet spent much of his early life in reformatories and prisons. Between 1940 and 1948 he wrote several autobiographical prose narratives dealing with homosexuality and crime, including
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, Fernando ArrabalArrabal, Fernando
, 1932–, French playwright, b. Melilla, Morocco. He studied law in Madrid before moving to Paris in 1954. His plays, which reflect his abhorrence of political repression, bourgeois complacency, and war, are often abstract and savagely ironic, employing
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, Peter WeissWeiss, Peter
, 1916–82, German-Swedish dramatist, novelist, film director, and painter. Weiss's early novels Abschied von den Eltern (1961; tr. Leavetaking, 1962) and Fluchtpunkt (1962; tr.
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, Peter BrookBrook, Peter,
1925–, English theatrical director, b. London, grad. Oxford (1943). An innovative, unconventional, and controversial figure, Brook mounts energetic productions in which the entire stage is utilized and realistic sets are banished in favor of bold, abstract,
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, and Julian BeckBeck, Julian,
1925–85, American theatrical director, actor, and producer, b. New York City. In 1948 he married Judith Malina, 1926–2015, also an American theatrical director, actor, and producer, b. Germany.
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 and Judith Malina. Artaud was afflicted with mental illness from his childhood, and in 1936 he was declared insane; he spent much of the rest of his life in mental institutions.


See his Selected Writings ed. by S. Sontag (1971); B. L. Knapp, Antonin Artaud: Man of Vision (1980); J. Derrida and P. Thevenin, Antoine Artaud: Drawings and Portraits (1990).

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Por ultimo, Antonin Artaud busca la magia del peyote; Jean Marie-Le Clezio, uno de los mas interesados por este pais, contempla el polvo y la lluvia.
A influencia de Antonin Artaud, a serra Tarahumara, no Mexico, o peyote e o movimento surrealista sao evidentes.
faz alusao ao desejo de Antonin Artaud de fazer uma viagem, de dar
Theory circulates like a lame duck, ever so misunderstood as an excuse for programmatic language, when the great theorists are those who write and choose their words with heart and lyricism: Antonin Artaud, Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida, or the Avital Ronell of Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania (1993).
Al mundo oriental que marca a Oceransky le ha acompanado una empatia con el teatro de la crueldad impulsado por Antonin Artaud y sus contemporaneos, como Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Car enfin je n'avais certes pas 'gueri' Antonin Artaud et il etait vraisemblablement inguerissable avec les ressources actuelles de la therapeutique psychiatrique.
As Maurice Saillet puts it in his essay, "In Memoriam: Antonin Artaud," "There can be no doubt that this journey among the Tarahumara Indians represented a kind of salvation for Artaud; never had his suffering, his inner agony corresponded so well to his vision of the world around him.
He brings to vivid life Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Antonin Artaud, and others, and even takes the title of Hu Mei's killer poem from a key phrase in Breton's The Surrealist Manifesto (1924), later inscribed in the epitaph on his tombstone: "I seek the gold of time.
This cryptic text acts as the inspiration for Kiefer's own hermetic works, which abound in mysteries of their own, referencing, amongst others, Paracelsus, the seeker of hidden knowledge, the secret mystic order of Rosicrucianism, the Golem, the notoriously cruel Roman Emperor Heliogabalus who instituted the mystical cult of the sun god, as dramatised by Antonin Artaud, the chariot of Ezekiel, 'The Great Work' otherwise known as the search for the philosopher's stone, the Norse God Thor, the secret language of birds, and of course Tempelhof itself.
Antonin Artaud, in his Preface--"The Theatre and Culture"--to The Theatre and Its Double, keeps reminding us that it is time for us to break through language, form, and organisms in order to touch the "fragile, fluctuating center" (13) of life, because our flirting and dallying with words, forms, and organizations has prevented us from reaching its core and recreating the theatre.
Drawing on a background in German philology and anticipating his eventual training as a psychotherapist, Rickels analyzes several mostly German modernist writers--Freud, Nietzsche, Kafka, Karl Abraham, Antonin Artaud, G.
The focus of the author's work lies in her analysis of several key artists and musicians who have directly affected the development of new media such as John Cage, Edgard Varese, Antonin Artaud, Jon McCormack, Catherine Richards, and Char Davies.