Antonio Berni

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Berni, Antonio


Born May 14, 1905, in Rosario. Argentine painter.

In the 1930’s, Berni was one of the founders of the “new realism” in Argentina. Together with D. Siqueiros (in 1934) and such Argentine artists as J. C. Castagnino and L. E. Spilimbergo, he painted a number of murals in Buenos Aires and New York, which primarily dealt with the life and history of the Argentine people. In the painting Midnight Over the World (end of the 1930’s) he created a majestic image of national courage and grief, inspired by the Spanish Civil War. In the middle of the 1920’s he came under the influence of modernism.


Pla, R. Antonio Berni. Buenos Aires, 1945.
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And there was Rayo--the recipient of Organization of American States (OAS) scholarships, an award winner from the 20th Salon of Colombian Artists, the winner of the 1971 Sao Paulo Biennial International Award, and the 1984 Antonio Berni Award--listening to these women with electric attention.
In addition to exhibitions devoted to Niki de Saint Phalle and Richard Deacon, he has already organized major retrospectives of modern Argentine and Uruguayan painters such as Rafael Barradas, Joaquin Torres Garcia, and Antonio Berni, as well as exhibitions of contemporary Argentine artists such as Luis F.