António Ferreira

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António Ferreira
BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal

Ferreira, António


Born 1528 in Lisbon; died there 1569. Portuguese poet and dramatist.

Ferreira graduated from the University of Coimbra and held high posts at the Portuguese court. He was the first to introduce into Portuguese literature the ode, sonnet, elegy, and epigram, as well as new poetic meters. His comedies Bristo (1622) and The Jealous Husband (1622) criticize social evils, which were in large part the product of Portugal’s rapacious colonial policy. They expose the hypocrisy and falsity of court life and communicate a sense of civic duty. These themes are also present in Inês de Castro (1587), a tragedy of profound psychological insight based on Portuguese history.


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The letter from Antonio Ferreira, 32, appeared to approve a loan of pounds 120,000 to Cardiff man Paul Brundell, 30, who wanted to open a wine bar in the city.
It cannot be said that these were all among the lowest trades, for while Afonso da Fonseca, jeweler, paid 80 reis in taxes, Antonio Ferreira, jeweler, paid 2,400.
After fighting inertia for so long, we found it requires several influencing factors to motivate investors to move idle assets," said Antonio Ferreira, Managing Director and report co-author.
President and Chief Executive Officer Edward Tracy; and Antonio Ferreira, Managing Director of Venetian Macau Limited.
The panel was chaired by Maria Rosa Sabbatelli, Programme Manager, EU Delegation to Brazil, the APAC experience was presented in a wide sight thanks to the various speakers: Alberto Piatti, President of AVSI Foundation, Valdeci Antonio Ferreira, President of Fraternidade Brasileira de Assistencia aos Condenados (FBAC), Luiz Carlos Resende, Member of the Consejo Nacional de Justicia (CNJ), de Minas Gerais, Nicola Boscoletto, President of Cooperativa Giotto, Italy, and Marco Antonio Lage, Director General Minas Pela Paz, in videoconference from Belo Horizonte.
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