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Antung said residents must be prepared to use masks and warned that evacuations may be conducted if there is no rain in the next few days and no signs of the fires subsiding.
Antung said the haze has been concentrated in areas along the border between the provinces of Riau and North Sumatra, but the southwest monsoon surface winds also have swept it into neighboring Singapore and Malaysia.
Dicing missions were the primary way to pinpoint Communist targets on both sides of the Yalu, such as Namei, Taechon, Antung, and Uiju.
One day in the summer of 1952 at Kimpo, a returning 4th FIW pilot reported Soviet IL-28 bombers on the airfield at Antung, which could mean "only one thing--an offensive strike at the airfields in South Korea, possibly followed by a ground offensive.
flew to an area just twenty-six miles from the Chinese city of Antung in an attempt to pick up a downed British exchange pilot whose location had been reported.