Aortic Sinus

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Sinus, Aortic


(1) In mammals (excluding man), the initial, dilated part of the ascending aorta; the same as the bulbus arteriosis.

(2) In man, part of the cavity of the bulb of the aorta, located between the semilunar valve and the aortic wall.

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By maintaining this continuity, the ATS 3f Aortic Bioprosthesis preserves the aortic sinuses and restores native valve stress distribution and physiologic blood flow.
The sizes (height and width) of the three aortic sinuses at the level of the sinotubular junction were measured (Fig.
The comparison of three aortic sinuses sizes was performed using ANOVA test.
The right and left coronary ostia were individually analyzed, and the distances from these ostia to the bottom of the aortic sinuses and to the commissures of the aortic leaflets were studied.
Three types of SCA have been characterized according to the origination from left, right or non-coronary aortic sinuses by Shirani and Roberts in an actual classification.