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Then, after a long pause, he added: "The king of the ape-men was really a creature of great distinction--a most remarkably handsome and intelligent personality.
It was one of those plastic phones that toothless babies gnaw on and when I picked it up, I could smell baby spit on the mouthpiece and I slammed it down and started hollering as if the phone were on fire or like I was one of the ape-men at the beginning of "2001: A Space Odyssey.
She then proceeded to show a comic strip of ape-men dropping down from trees, crouching and then walking upright.
An insight into the early ape-men of East and South Africa is not going to completely change our understanding of Neandertals, for example.
They have also investigated the infamous Mexican goat-sucker, Sumatran ape-men and the Mongolian deathworm.