Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

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Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation:

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term used to describe the nations bordering the Pacific Ocean and the island countries situated in it. In the post–World War II era, the Pacific Rim has become an increasingly important and interconnected economic region.
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APEC Executive Directors should have the following qualifications:
The ABTC program allows business travelers and government officials with business in APEC countries to access fast-track processing lanes at APEC airports, which saves an estimated 43 minutes per trip, according to U.
We welcome the adoption of the APEC Internet and Digital Economy Roadmap and the APEC Framework on Cross-border E-Commerce Facilitation,' said the document released after a week-long event which culminated in the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting on Friday and Saturday.
But his officials later said the President would be attending the Apec meetings 'for now.
Meanwhile, US Congressmen recently introduced a new bill calling on the Obama administration to include India as an Apec member, arguing that India's inclusion will help the US achieve its strategic goals in Asia.
Para ello, el hito trascendente es la Declaracion de Bogor suscrita por los Lideres de las Economias de APEC, en su reunion de 1994, en la ciudad indonesia de ese nombre, que fijo la ruta de navegacion, hoy vigente, y que se conocen como las <<Metas de Bogor>>.
The 21 member countries plan to adopt the APEC Iloilo Initiative which will spur growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's).
Kazakhstan is an APEC member with close economic ties to other members.
Indonesia will take over the chairmanship of APEC next year and will host the next APEC leaders' summit in October.
On November 12-13, 2011, the United States hosted the 19th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Honolulu.
APEC Finance Ministerial Meeting on November 10, whereas Secretary of State
As a next step, the San Francisco Declaration calls on officials to 'identify and report to APEC senior officials, programmes, including supplier diversity and technical assistance initiatives, that represent best practices of multinational enterprises, governments and SMEs that remove the barriers for women business owners and entrepreneurs, including rural and indigenous women, to obtain up-to-date information on the regulatory environments in APEC economies, and identify and take advantage of domestic or international market opportunities.