Apollo space program

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Apollo space program:

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the investigation of physical conditions in space and on stars, planets, and other celestial bodies through the use of artificial satellites (spacecraft that orbit the earth), space probes (spacecraft that pass through the solar system and that may or may not
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Apollo space program in the 1960s was built almost completely of aluminum, offering precious weight savings.
Al worked on the Apollo space program before moving to Erie in 1971.
From its roots in the Apollo space program 40 years ago, Intergraph has grown into the world's leading provider of geospatial technology and engineering software.
Hordeski, an electrical engineer who worked on the rocket engines for the Apollo space program, has expanded the second edition of this volume on alternative fuels to include the latest trends in sustainable energy.
TEHACHAPI - Former NASA astronaut Vance Brand is being honored by the nation's aerospace agency as an Ambassador of Exploration for his involvement in the Apollo space program in the 1960s and early 1970s.
On the set in California at Downey Studios - the birthplace of the Apollo space program - Light Rave International created laser installations and light effects.
He represented the United States in an international lecture tour in which he discussed his experiences in the Apollo space program.
Previously he worked for many years in the womens garment industry as he worked as Plant Manager for Jantimate a division of Jantzen Bathing Suits Company and David Clark Company both in Worcester, MA where he was part of the team that designed the original space suit for the Apollo Space Program, which is still used today.
Through arresting images and first-person accounts, this volume tells the story of the Apollo space program, which sent nine missions to the moon.
The 1998 HBO miniseries ``From the Earth to the Moon,'' executive produced by Tom Hanks, is an excellent history of the Apollo space program, if a bit dramatically dry at times.
What's said to be the Apollo Space Program of the twenty-first century, the LHC is the largest scientific experiment to date.