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Having completed the construction of this appendage, he surveyed his work with great complacency, and put his hat on again--very much over one eye, to increase the mournfulness of the effect.
The Crito may also be regarded as a sort of appendage to the Apology, in which Socrates, who has defied the judges, is nevertheless represented as scrupulously obedient to the laws.
He becomes an appendage of the machine, and it is only the most simple, most monotonous, and most easily acquired knack, that is required of him.
The discovery of anatomy in Habelia's head, as well as the presence of two small chelicerae-like appendages, which were often found in the mouth of chelicerates and used to cut food, is why the new relationship has been determined.
I'm sure you're very proud of your appendages but please stop sending me pictures of same.
Study on the suitability of adapting hull appendages of the type hydrofoil and to proceed to their assembly if the results of it show a significant gain.
Studies have shown that neutrophilic nuclear appendages are genetically determined, constituted of sex chromatin, but the frequency and the distribution were also influenced by other factors including hormones, granulocyte metabolism, cell proliferation, and age.
At their most extreme, the relationships that hold between appendages give rise to new possibilities, he says, prominently including the felt meaning, rhetorical power, and modeling affordances of X.
Ramirez (1978; 1991) considered that Tetrapus seemed to be composed of two well defined groups: in one group (Tetrapus), the females have one mandibular appendage and the males are tetrapodous; in the other, the females have two mandibular appendages and the males are hexapodous.
In the species sepsid fly species themira biloba there are evolutionarily novel appendages on the males that may be linked to their reproductive success.
In particular, investigations on corolla appendages have broadened our knowledge on the architecture of the flower of Columnea (Amaya-Marquez et al.
14 research teams have come up with different experimental drones that include a robot with bird-like grasping appendages, and some that form a robo-swarm or flock, inspired by birds, bats, insects and even flying snakes.