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Multi-lingual capabilities have been enhanced by the addition of French as a standard application language in addition to a redesigned AppGen for incorporating any Western language.
Appgen Business Software released Appgen(R) Linux Java Client w ith all 11 of Appgen's general business and accounting applications for small to mid-sized businesses.
In addition, our partnership with Appgen, a major provider of business accounting software on Linux, demonstrates enterprise-level confidence in using Linux for critical applications.
The Journal spoke with Errol Allahverdi, president of Appgen Business Software, Inc.
The latter is particularly suitable for businesses for which off-the-shelf software is not available, in that software can be custom-written in the APPGEN language and easily integrated with the standard (or modified) accounting package.
MyBooks is available immediately for download at the Appgen website - http://www.
This latest version of MyBooks for Mac OS X is available immediately at the Appgen website - http://www.
to deliver ASP-enabled accounting solutions encompassing the entire range of Appgen accounting and collaborative commerce applications.
OTCBB:EBIZ), Monday announced it was selected by Appgen Business Software Inc.
0, and we partner with major providers of business software like Appgen.
We continue to demonstrate that there are business applications on Linux by partnering with companies like Appgen.