Apple A series

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Apple A series

A system-on-chip (SoC) family from Apple that provides most of the processing in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. Based on the ARM CPU architecture, these chips provide the equivalent processing power of desktop computers launched only a year or two earlier than the mobile product. Following are all the SoCs Apple used since 2007, including models prior to the A series. The "X" suffix denotes a higher-performance version of the chip. See process technology and ARM.

Apple S, W and T series
The S chips are dual-core processors in Apple Watch. The W series refers to wireless chips in AirPods and Apple Watch, and the T series deals with Touch ID and security in MacBooks and iMacs.
Apple A Series                     Process Year          Max  Technology  ARM CPU(20xx) Model  Clock  (nm) Bits    #Cores

 07 APL0098  412 MHz   90  16  ARM11    1
 08 APL0278  533 MHz   36  32  ARM11    1
 09 APL0298  600 MHz   65  32  CortexA8 1
 09 APL2298  800 MHz   45  32  CortexA8 1

 10  A4      1.0 GHz   45  32  CortexA8 1
 11  A5      1.0 GHz   32  32  CortexA9 2
 12  A5X     1.0 GHz   45  32  CortexA9 2
 12  A6      1.3 GHz   32  32  Swift    2
 12  A6X     1.4 GHz   32  32  Swift    2

 13  A7      1.3 GHz   28  64  Cyclone  2
 14  A8      1.5 GHz   20  64  Typhoon  2
 14  A8X     1.5 GHz   20  64  Typhoon  3
 15  A9      1.8 GHz   14  64  Twister  2
 15  A9X     2.3 GHz   16  64  Twister  2
 16  A10     2.4 GHz   10  64  Fusion   4
 17  A11     2.4 GHz   10  64  Bionic   6
 18  A12     2.4 GHz    7  64  Bionic   6
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Seven tweeters and six microphones are arranged around the interior, and a high-excursion woofer sits at the top crowned with an Apple A8 chip.
The single-core scores on the Geekbench test for the Apple A8 powered device reportedly dropped from 1,561 points to 924 points.
The cylindrical, 7-inch gadget is powered by an Apple A8 chip, which was previously used in the iPhone 6 series and the latest Apple TV.
Samsung is said to still be supplying about 40 percent of Apple A8 chips for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
7-inch, 1334 x 750p, SoC: Apple A8, RAM: 1GB, Storage: 32GB, Camera: 8MP
Internally, the speaker will be powered by an Apple A8 chip, which was previously used in the iPhone 6 series and the current-generation Apple TV.
It feature the Apple A8 processor and a motion co-processor called M8.
Under the hood, similar to the bigger sibling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6c is believed to come powered by an Apple A8 chipset.
Based on the review, the iPad Air 2 is boosted by the tri-core Apple A8 system chip giving the device 40 percent faster performance.
There is an Apple A8 chip powering the HomePod and with Siri being the UI, one can easily ask for info about a particular song, check messages, set alarms and basically do pretty much the same stuff you use Siri for.
Despite producing majority of the Apple A8 chips, Samsung appears to have the larger cut of the order this time.
The rest of the list consists of the Snapdragon 652 (79,636), Apple A8 (79,100), Snapdragon 650 (78,979) and Snapdragon 808 (68,508).