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(1) An electronic book designed for Apple's tablet computer (see iPad).

(2) A family of laptop computers from Apple. Introduced in 1999, soon after the first iMac, the iBook debuted with a 300 MHz G3 processor and a built-in wireless antenna. At the same time, Apple also introduced its Wi-Fi family of products under the Airport brand name.

iBooks and PowerBooks
The iBooks were consumer-based laptops aimed at students and beginners, while the PowerBooks were Apple's higher-end laptops. The iBook G4 was the last iBook model, and both the PowerBook and iBook lines were superseded by the Intel-based MacBooks in 2006 and 2007, respectively (see MacBook). See PowerBook, iMac and AirPort.

The Original iBook
Although subsequent iBooks are more streamlined, the first iBook was very popular. It offered a somewhat playful look in the midst of all the look-alike products of that time. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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With our 2003-era Apple iBook - 1GHz PowerPC processor, 1.
Gift Cost 2005 2004 iPod Nano 2GB $199 pounds 120 pounds 112 iPod Video 30GB $299 pounds 180 pounds 169 Apple iBook laptop $999 pounds 603 pounds 564 Olympus 8meg camera $500 pounds 302 pounds 282 CK Euphoria perfume $90 pounds 54 pounds 51 Women's Levi Jeans $48 pounds 29 pounds 27 Two nights Hilton Hotel $629 pounds 380 pounds 215Total extra expense this year: pounds 245
And yet, flipping up the keyboard on my Apple iBook, I was stunned to find he wasn't working alone.
The winner and two runners up will win an Apple ibook and a work placement with a leading creative agency.
School District was chosen because it was the first district to give Apple iBook laptop computers to every sixth- through 12th-grader.
One star prize winner will collect a supercool Apple iBook laptop computer.
On the bargain end, look for the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion n5150, the Apple iBook, the Toshiba Satellite 1715XCDS, the Compaq Presario 1400, or the Gateway Solo 1150s (with three models to choose from).
NewerTech manufactures the NuPower battery line - the highest capacity replacement batteries available for all Apple iBook and PowerBook computers produced since 1998.
com)-- "Grogan the Grateful Monster" is a new apple iBook for iPad, written and illustrated by award winning artist, author and advocate Richard Mclean who is currently studying a Masters of Education at Victoria University Melbourne.
com and on the Apple iBook Store after November 9, 2012.
Under an expensive, cutting-edge initiative meant to boost student engagement and achievement, every one of Springfield Middle's 290 students and 18 teachers has a brand-new Apple iBook.
Most classrooms have Apple iBook laptops and/or desktops, mainly funded through the district.