Apple Watch

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Apple Watch

A family of smartwatches from Apple that debuted in April 2015 with more than 40 models from USD $349 to $17,000. Compatible with iPhones starting with the iPhone 5, the screen's Force Touch senses the difference between a tap and a press to enable two modes of touch interaction. Available in two case sizes (38 and 42mm) and numerous band styles, the watch's Taptic Engine "taps" the wearer on the wrist for notifications.

Five months after the unveiling, Series 2 watches were introduced, including Hermes-branded models. In 2017, the Series 3 added a cellular option making the watch a stand-alone cellphone.

Wi-Fi Too
If the watch was previously paired with the iPhone via Bluetooth but goes out of range, it can use the same Wi-Fi network to send iMessages, an animated sketch, taps and heartbeats to other Apple Watch users (see Digital Touch). The device can also run Siri over Wi-Fi.

Original Collections
No smartwatch debuted with such a variety of models, and an industry of third-party watch bands sprang up overnight. Sport models have aluminum cases and plastic bands; the Watch line has stainless steel cases and several bands, while Edition models had gold-plated cases. (Images courtesy of Apple Inc.)

Changes in 2016
The Edition models changed from gold to ceramic at a fraction of the price tag. Nike+ and Hermes models were also added. Sport models became Series 1, and the Apple Watch became Series 2. See Apple Watch Series 2. (Images courtesy of Apple Inc.)

A Digital Crown
Apple's Digital Crown is used to zoom, scroll, activate Siri and display the home screen. The power button accesses contacts and Apple Pay.

Easy to Connect the Charger
Apple's MagSafe connector latches magnetically onto the back of the watch.
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