Apple store

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Apple store

(1) Apple's online app store. See Apple App Store.

(2) A retail outlet for Apple products operated by an independent company.

(3) An Apple-owned retail outlet. With more than 450 stores worldwide as of 2016, Apple launched the first two in 2001 in Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California.

Apple Store - Frankfurt, Germany
Apple is one of the few consumer electronics companies to have its own retail outlets. Apple stores have been extremely successful.

Apple on Fifth Avenue
The glass entrance and circular staircase leading down into the Apple store in New York is quite dramatic.
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According to The Age, a citizen reporter said she was initially duped by the quality of the fake Apple store.
When the new Apple store opens, retailers' sales across the board- not only of Apple products- could drop, Van Diesen said.
The incident happened in an Apple Store at the Pheasant Lane Mall in New Hampshire.
Josh and Ting Li became man and wife at the city's Apple store on Fifth Avenue on Valentine's Day in a ceremony filled with the company's products.
Gunmetal Black and FlashBlack Chrome can be found at the Apple Store, Apple Europe, Virgin Megastore, as well as online at Shop V-MODA and Apple.
Apple Store openings have traditionally been big events in the Mac community, causing lines to form in the early morning or sometimes the night before the store opens.
An Apple Store manager reportedly cited a policy prohibiting sales to Iran.
from the round-the-clock Apple Store at 5th Ave, New York (apple.
The NIAC on Thursday joined the Council of American-Islamic Relations in denouncing Apple and asserted that Apple store employees who've refused to sell iPads and other products to customers speaking Farsi have been "clearly engaging in racial profiling.
Summary: An Apple store in China that has been rumbled as a fake, has stunned its own staff who were unaware that they were working for a bogus outlet.
June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apple today introduced the new Apple Store app which lets US customers purchase Apple products, including the new iPhone 4, right from the convenience of their iPhone or iPod touch.
Nasdaq: AAPL) and asserted that Apple Store employees who have refused to sell iPads and other products to customers speaking Farsi, the language of Iran, have been "clearly engaging in racial profiling.