Application Program Interface

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application program interface

[‚ap·lə¦kā·shən ¦prō·grəm ′in·tər‚fās]
(computer science)
A language that enables communication between computer programs, in particular between application programs and control programs. Abbreviated API.

Application Program Interface

(API, or "application programming interface") The interface (calling conventions) by which an application program accesses operating system and other services. An API is defined at source code level and provides a level of abstraction between the application and the kernel (or other privileged utilities) to ensure the portability of the code.

An API can also provide an interface between a high level language and lower level utilities and services which were written without consideration for the calling conventions supported by compiled languages. In this case, the API's main task may be the translation of parameter lists from one format to another and the interpretation of call-by-value and call-by-reference arguments in one or both directions.
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OTCBB:IVOC), a leader in speech recognition technology, today announced what is believed to be the only Speech Enabled Auto Attendant with barge-in capabilities using a Telephone Application Program Interface available on the market today.
The BioAPI Specification defines an open system standard application program interface (API) that allows software applications to communicate with a broad range of biometric technologies in a common way.
At the heart of QDS is tool-independent enterprise data and flow management software featuring an extensible core application program interface.

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