April 28

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April 28


Administrative Professionals Week (Last full week of April)

Arbor Day (Last Friday in April) Apr 28, 2017; Apr 28, 2023
Celebrated in: Nebraska

Butter and Egg Days (First weekend after last Wednesday in April) Apr 28, 2012; Apr 28, 2013; Apr 28, 2018; Apr 28, 2019

Fast Day (Fourth Monday in April) Apr 28, 2014

Feast of Ridvan (April 21-May 2)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Apr 28, 2011; Apr 28, 2016; Apr 28, 2022

Floralia (April 27-May 3)

Landsgemeinde (Last Sunday of April) Apr 28, 2013; Apr 28, 2019

Maryland Hunt Cup (Last Saturday in April) Apr 28, 2012; Apr 28, 2018

World's Biggest Fish Fry (Last full week in April)

Legal Holidays by Countries

National Heroes DayBarbados
Orthodox EasterAlbania, Lebanon
Victory DayAfghanistan

Legal Holidays in United States

Arbor DayNebraska
Confederate Memorial DayAlabama, Mississippi
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GLOBE PHOTO The Kurdish Globe Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, on Tuesday, April 28th, received the United Nation Secretary General Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura.
Launch Event Tuesday April 28th 1pm at National Press Club; book releases May 1st
Lapo Pistelli, from April 28th until April 30th, 2015.
55 16: 16: Will friends please meet for the Funeral Service at Grenoside Crematorium South Chapel, 5 Skew Hill Lane, Sheffield, S35 8RZ on Tuesday April 28th at 2.
On April 28th conference will be held at 09-09 Hazen Street, Queens, NY 11370 Block: 2605, Lot: 40 and at 16-00 Hazen Street, Queens, NY 11370, Block 2605, Lot: 40.
In recognition of government's commitment to carry out reforms, particularly those in the energy sector which is important for overall economic development, the ADB on April 24, 2014 approved a loan worth of USD 400 million for Pakistan and an agreement to this effect was signed on April 28th at the Finance Ministry," The News International reported.
The Youth Talent Exhibition entitled "Our Youth Are Talented," which is run by the youth volunteer group "Himam" will run for two days at the Asayel Hall during the period April 28th - 29th.
Love Your Twin Sister Mary xxxxx COWLEY--ENGLISH -- EDNA MAY, April 28th.
ANIA-CARING Region 2 hosted a Nursing Informatics reception in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on April 28th.
Cairo, April 28th (BNA) --The Egyptian Government expressed its sorrow for the individual accident occurred from some Egyptian Citizens against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Cairo, which only reflect the opinion of those who have them.
The inquiry into this attack, which occurred on April 28th in Argana cafA', has led to the arrest of three Moroccans, including the alleged main perpetrator.