Arabian Nights

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Arabian Nights:

see Thousand and One NightsThousand and One Nights
or Arabian Nights,
series of anonymous stories in Arabic, considered as an entity to be among the classics of world literature. The cohesive plot device concerns the efforts of Scheherezade, or Sheherazade, to keep her husband, King Shahryar (or
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Arabian Nights

compilation of Middle and Far Eastern tales. [Arab. Lit.: Parrinder, 26]
See: Fantasy
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Arabian Nights will operate from 7pm-12am, from Monday to Saturday.
n The Arabian Nights is at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh until January 6, 2018.
The book sets out to illustrate the depth of impact the Arabian Nights as a body of literature has had on arts and culture around the world.
DIFF's Artistic Director, Masoud Amralla Al Ali commented on the programme: "This year's Arabian Nights line-up showcases another stellar selection of insightful films created by regional filmmakers who have been inspired by life in the ever-evolving Middle East.
We believe that luxury is in details and should not be disposable for the same reason Arabian Nights is composed of five perfumes built around essential oils which are meaningful in the region: oud, rose, incense, amber and musk.
An Arabian Nights theme party offers a versatile and broad range of decorating and food options.
8220;The Arabian Nights Soiree was one of my favorite events.
An Emirati-inspired and Arabic fusion feast under a canopy of stars is the theme for this year's Gourmet Abu Dhabi Valentine's dinner '1001 Nights' on February 14, being hosted by Royal Catering at the Arabian Nights Village deep in Abu Dhabi's desert.
They enjoyed Arabian Nights, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, etc.
London, Mar 31 ( ANI ): Coleen Rooney had an advance birthday party based on an Arabian Nights theme - complete with a camel - to mark her 26th birthday, which comes next Tuesday.
Tomorrow the wardrobe team at The Criterion in Earlsdon is holding its third annual vintage sale from 2pm to 5pm selling genuine vintage clothing, jewellery, dress patterns, plus surplus costumes and fabrics from their recent production of Arabian Nights.

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