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see ArabiaArabia
, peninsula (1991 est. pop. 35,000,000), c.1,000,000 sq mi (2,590,000 sq km), SW Asia. It is bordered on the W by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, on the S by the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, on the E by the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, and on the N by Iraq
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Buna ek olarak, Fuller'in dikkat cekici tahmini, gelecek yillarda Turkiye ile Suudi Arabistan arasinda ciddi gerilimlerin gorulebilecegidir.
Arabistan was annexed to Iran in April 1925 by the Pahlavi monarchy.
Annexed by Pahlavi Iran in April 1925, Arabistan has 90% of Persia's petroleum resources and five rivers providing Iran with two-thirds of its water supplies, as well as 50% of Iran's agricultural products.
The Arabistan of Akakhel Bara tehsil, who was living as displaced person in Jalozai camp, said that two of their kids were killed due to measles epidemic and 10 others were taken to hospital.
The Arabs of Iran's petroleum/water-rich Arabistan (Khuzestan) accuse the theocracy of racial discrimination and of diverting their Karun River (called the source of great civilisations) to Isfahan.
3) Ancak Suudi Arabistan (6) ve Hindistan'da (7) yapilan iki ayri calismada, hastaligin bu bolgelerde bati toplumuna gore daha erken yasta basladigi ifade edilmistir.
Suudi Arabistan Krali Turkiye'deydi," Anlayis, September 2006, No.
Indeed, Arabs populate both sides of the Gulf now, because Arabistan does not belong to Ahmadinejad and his government, and I call on the Sheikh Khazaal family to demand that it be restored to them.
The embassy was taken by six men from the Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Arabistan, the oil-rich region of Khuzestan in west Iran.
By the 17th century, it had come to be known--at least to the imperial Safavid chancery as Arabistan.
When Sheikh Khaz'al realised that Reza Shah's ambitions extended to Arabistan and its oil wealth, he allied himself with the Shah's opposition and asked the British to defend the Ahwazi people and back the area's rightful separation and independence from Persia as an Arab state.