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a genus of plants of the family Araliaceae. They are small trees, thorny bushes, or tall perennial grasses. The flowers occur in umbels, often in complex paniculate inflorescences, and, less frequently, singly or in racemes. There are 35 species in the tropics and subtropics of the northern hemisphere. In the USSR there are five species in the Far East. Many varieties of Aralia are cultivated in greenhouses as decorative plants; in the southern USSR, they grow outdoors.

Several species of other genera in the same family are also known as aralia. The rice-paper tree (Tetrapanax papyriferum) is a small tree native to the island of Taiwan. In China, paper is made from the pulp of its trunk. In the USSR, the rice-paper tree may be cultivated on the Black Sea shore of the Caucasus. Japanese aralia (Fatsia japonica) is a small tree native to Japan. In the USSR it is widely cultivated as an indoor and hothouse plant; in the Black Sea shore region of the Crimea and the Caucasus it grows outdoors.


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From time to time winds blew from Hanryosudo - the Water Way amid Leisurely Islands and the young leaves of an Aralia elata thinly shook bodies.
The Cube is being featured in the "Rooftop Workplace of Tomorrow" garden exhibit, designed by Patricia Fox and built by Giles Landscapes and Aralia Garden Design.
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His first book of poems, a chapbook, Right as Rain, was published by Aralia Press in 1999.
A $90 check can buy a new set of bedding for one shelter bed, $100 provides a woman with advocacy and support in pursuing a restraining order, $500 provides three nights of emergency shelter for a woman whose life has been threatened by an abusive partner, and $10,000 would cover the annual utility costs of Aralia Shelter, a confidential emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.
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angulifolius, Verbesina greenmanii, Aralia humilis, Fuchsia fulgens, Erythrina coralloides, Monnina ciliolata, Cornus excelsa, Eupatorium mairetianum, Montanoa grandiflora, Sedum oxypetalum, Forestiera phillyreoides, entre otras.
Although somewhat marginal for the Antelope Valley, you might also be able to succeed, in the shade, with kaffir lily (Clivia miniata), calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) and Japanese aralia (Fatsia japonica).
2007) reported similar results in micro propagation stages in Aralia elata and Phellodendron amurense.
Convenience is essential when growing fresh produce - and grow-boxes filled with produce formed part of this outdoor kitchen, designed by Patricia Fox of Aralia Garden Design.
Having the biggest commercial importance are the following medicinal plants: spiny eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus senticosus) Rupr et Maxim, Manchurian aralia (Aralia mandshurica) Rupr et Maxim (= A.
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